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LHSI is a great chance to give back to IUPUI undergraduates through guidance and mentoring in a professional workplace. In addition to educating the next generation of life and health sciences researchers and professionals, you can:

  • Access a pre-screened pool of students interested in your work
  • Meet students who are interested in your graduate program or employment in your area
  • Tackle extra projects that you may not otherwise have the time or skill set to complete
  • Make connections and create better relationships with IUPUI students
  • Develop supervisory skills in your other staff
  • Improve retention and graduation rates by keeping students on campus for class and work

I would not be where I am without that mentoring. I want to give that experience to others.

Silvia Bigatti | Social and Behavioral Sciences, Fairbanks School of Public Health at IUPUI

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Because interns are also enrolled in full-time coursework, we ask that you keep the projects within the designated 10 hours per week. The total time for the internship is approximately 30 weeks, and we provide a list of other opportunities on campus if you'd like to extend that time with another program or funding source.

LHSI is designed to expand student networks outside of their home academic departments and place them with faculty and staff in graduate and professional program locations. If your school has undergraduate programs, you will not have those students placed with you. The description form allows you to select from the majors available at IUPUI.

Project descriptions are accepted all year and are posted from late January to mid-March for the following academic year.

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Experiences Count

180Over 180 supervisors have worked with our interns in the last 12 years. They provide invaluable mentoring and professional guidance.

40%Over 40% of our supervisors have hosted LHSI interns for three or more years.

The fact that she gave me a chance and joined a program for me I'll always be thankful for.

Emily Atkinson, LHSI 2014–15, IUPUI Graduate 2016

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If you need more information or have questions about what an appropriate project might looks like, please contact Brandi Gilbert. 

Phone: (317) 278-3637