The Internships

About the Internships

Join our yearly group of 75 interns and work on a professional team in our graduate and professional programs on campus and in hospitals near campus. You'll work for up to 10 hours per week during the school year.

Experiences are as varied as the internship locations, and you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a professional setting while completing health and science-related projects. This is also a great opportunity to grow your professional network.

As an intern, you will complete an electronic portfolio and showcase your project work at the LHSI poster session in April. We also have a travel grant to help you attend a conference or national professional meeting.

Many interns go on to participate in other campus programs or stay at the internship site under other funding. Are you interested in applying for our next group? Visit the application page for more information. The application process begins in late January for the following school year.

Check out this video for a quick overview of the LHSI program: 


The skills and outlook I developed during my LHSI internship still shape the way I look at problem solving in the clinical environment.

Jeremy Sherer, LHSI 2010–11, IUPUI Graduate 2013

Internship Outcomes

SkillsApply and articulate transferable, career-related, or research-specific skills.

GoalsExplain and analyze you career goals.

IdentityDemonstrate an emerging professional identity.

Words of Advice

"Use your internship experience to help inform your career decision. You may have firm aspirations to attend medical or graduate school, but don't be surprised if you discover new interests that open unexpected pathways. Use your internship as a time to explore your options, gain new perspectives, and decide what you would like to do postgraduation."

Ethan Joll, LHSI 2013–14, IUPUI Graduate 2016

LHSI Travel Grant

Current and former interns are eligible to apply for the LHSI travel grant. These competitive travel grants are available to assist with travel expenses to a conference or a meeting. A maximum of $1,500 will be available for each grant; the amount of the award is based on actual expenses. Note the following:

  1. An intern is only eligible to receive the grant once (for one trip), and we are unable to fund international travel at this time. Please review estimated costs before applying; some locations like Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and some major cities will cost beyond the $1,500 maximum that we can cover. You are encouraged to apply for other grants to help cover the total cost beyond our amount.
  2. Preference is given to interns presenting their work and those attending events with a career development component. Seek opportunities to attend conferences or meetings related to your internship, career, or academic goals.
  3. Be sure you have filled out the application in its entirety, including estimated expenses and other sources of funding. Application deadlines for the 2019–20 academic year are September 6, January 24, and May 16. Applications are only reviewed on the deadline dates. Apply for the deadline that is at least six to eight weeks prior to your trip. Decisions are sent to applicants within one to two business days after the deadline.
  4. All student travel must comply with IU travel policy.


To be eligible for the LHSI travel grant, a student must:

  • Be a current LHSI intern or be a former LHSI intern who is still an IUPUI undergraduate.
  • Be enrolled as an IUPUI undergraduate student during the time of travel.
  • Submit the travel grant application and receive approval from LHSI.
  • Be a U.S. citizen, federal aid eligible noncitizen, or an international student on a valid visa. NOTE: Under Indiana law, non-U.S. citizen students in the United States without a lawful visa or immigration status cannot be granted institutional financial assistance nor can students in the DACA program. 

Funding will only be given for one event per intern.

Travel Grant Application


Indiana University Travel Policy

Travelers (employees and nonemployees) will have 60 days from the return date of their trips in which to submit travel reimbursement claims. Reimbursements submitted after this 60-day period will be considered taxable income. After 120 days from the return date of the trip, there will be no reimbursement. Indiana University Foundation funds may not be used for the reimbursement after this time period.

Reimbursement of travel expenditures

Review all IU travel reimbursement policies:

Travel reimbursement deadline policy

. . . take advantage of the travel grant. Networking within IUPUI and other internship sites opens many doors for you, and traveling to a scientific conference will open even more.

Emily Atkinson, LHSI 2014–15, IUPUI Graduate 2016

Poster Sessions

Every April, interns from the Life-Health Sciences Internship Program gather to present posters of the work they've done over the course of the year.

Save the date! The Spring 2020 Poster Session will be held on Friday, May 1, 2020, 3–5 p.m., in the Campus Center.

Previous poster sessions

A student showing their research.

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