Program application

  • Preliminary screening will be made on the basis of completed applications (application form and resume) submitted by the applicants. Only complete applications will move forward for screening.
  • Review the minimum requirements and additional requirements of each location carefully. It is your responsibility to demonstrate on your application that you meet all of the minimum requirements to be considered. Failure to do so will result in your application being rejected. 
  • You will receive an email when your application is received in full and one additional email after the due date to inform you of when application decisions will be made. If you don't receive the email, please contact lhsi@iupui.edu to make sure your application was received.
  • Selected applicants will be invited for interviews. Being selected for interviews is not a guarantee of admission to the program.
  • Applicants selected for the interview process will meet with at least two internship sites. Supervisors and applicants will meet for an interview in a timely manner and will submit feedback to the LHSI director.
  • Matches are made based on feedback reviewed by the director. Additional interviews may be assigned in the case of a nonmatch based on feedback and at the discretion of the director.
  • Final matches are released upon review of spring grades in mid-May.

The deadline is during the week before IUPUI spring break. The exact date is listed on the application page.

You are encouraged to submit your application at least a week before the deadline. Late applications are not accepted.

The application asks for credits you've already completed. Put the number found on your IUPUI transcript, as that counts any accepted transfer credits.

Don't worry if your credit hours are high enough for you to look like a senior. We also ask for when you think you'll graduate and determine qualifications based on that.

If you are currently dual enrolled at IUPUI and either Ivy Tech or Butler University to reach full-time status, that's ok! The application will ask your current credit hours at IUPUI. If you select 0–11, another question will appear to ask if you're also enrolled at Ivy Tech or Butler University to reach a minimum of 12 hours this semester.

Make sure you have completed every field of the application and have attached a resume. PDF documents are the most ideal and Word documents are also acceptable. Avoid image files like .jpg or .png. If you're still having problems submitting the form, please contact lhsi@iupui.edu.

You will receive an email at your @iu.edu email address as soon as your application is received. If you don't receive an email, contact lhsi@iupui.edu to make sure it went through. There are no extensions for applications that did not submit properly.

The Office of Student Employment has many helpful resources for writing a resume.

We highly recommend you have someone in your school's career planning office check your resume and cover letter. IUPUI Career Services has a list for contact information by school.

Appropriate references are former supervisors, professors, academic counselors, advisors, peer leaders, or anyone who can speak to the quality of your work. They are usually happy to act as a reference, so just ask them! Inappropriate references include friends and family members. We do not ask for letters of recommendation, just contact information.

Unfortunately, no. LHSI is its own specific program, and we work with the sites listed. If you are looking for other internship opportunities, please visit your school's career services office or check out JagJobs for more information!

Contact us

Taylor Hall UC 3140
815 W. Michigan St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202
(317) 278-3480

Hours and appointments

  • Virtual: Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. 
  • Interns may schedule an appointment using the Student Appointment
  • Potential applicants may schedule an appointment by emailing or
    calling the office.

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