About Brandi

I’ve been the director of LHSI since January 2007 and have guided the program from the first group of 35 interns through the many changes and expansions to our now 75 interns, a program assistant, and four ambassadors. My favorite part of LHSI is working with our program team. They have played a crucial role in not only promoting and growing the program but also in enhancing what we do, utilizing their own understanding of why we do what we do. Every year that we’ve had ambassadors, I’ve been amazed and impressed that some interns got so much out of the experience that they wanted to help share that back with the new group of interns. That and they’re some of the smartest, funniest people I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

My goal for this year is to ensure our programming is meeting the needs of our interns while also developing the LHSI team as professionals and leaders. I’m also working on a campuswide project through the IUPUI Welcoming Campus Initiative designed to help reduce social class–related barriers to career development success.