Supervisor Stories

LHSI supervisor stories

Imranul Alam

Department of Endocrinology, IU School of Medicine

"Interns always bring fresh ideas, numerous questions and a lot of energy, all of which drive us to rethink and revisit everything we do. Interns also contribute significantly to refine the standard procedures and techniques that we follow and thereby help us relearning them for further improvement."

Joe Dynlacht

Department of Radiation Oncology, IU School of Medicine

"I believe most people, including myself, will contribute more to the discipline I am involved in by mentoring more than anything else I do."

Silvia Bigatti

Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Fairbanks School of Public Health at IUPUI

"Probably the most common [skill] is an understanding of the experience of research. They may have learned the technical aspects, but not the everyday collaborative and inquisitive nature of the enterprise. I learn each time I mentor. First, I learn about different fields of study, as they come from various majors. I've learned how to mentor, how not to mentor, and how to help students best benefit from the experience."

Matt Aalsma

Department of Pediatrics, IU School of Medicine

"Professionalism. Many interns have not worked in an academic setting and are unsure of themselves. Over time, interns grow tremendously in this area."

Mythily Srinivasan

Department of Oral Pathology, Medicine and Radiology, IU School of Dentistry

"The interns working with me had career goals toward medicine or dentistry. I think the experience in the lab solidified their career goals. In addition to viewing the experience as a rotation or observation toward resume building, persistence toward completing the project that they were involved in and participation in poster presentation and/or paper writing would help the interns build on the knowledge."