Alumni Stories

LHSI alumni stories

Mohammad Aref, LHSI 2011–12, IUPUI Graduate 2013

LHSI Alumni

"After I finished LHSI under the mentorship with Dr. Allen, I continued to work with him under hourly pay. After starting medical school at IUSM, I took part in the Student Research Program in Academic Medicine, again under the mentorship of Dr. Allen. I then chose to pursue a Ph.D. degree along with the M.D. degree, also under the mentorship of Dr. Allen. As is evident, my experiences as an LHSI intern had great influence on my career trajectory. I am currently a student in the IUSM Medical Scientist Training Program. My goal is to become a physician scientist that performs basic science research that advances my field of study, clinical research that informs clinical decisions, and social health research that promotes advocacy, equality, and patient empowerment."

Macy Ballard, LHSI 2014–15, IUPUI Graduate 2017

LHSI Alumni

"When my LHSI year was up, I continued to work at my internship site through the Center for Research and Learning with the Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Institute, the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, and through a service learning assistantship."

Megan Gaunnac, LHSI 2010–11, IUPUI Graduate 2011

LHSI Alumni

"I was hired on part time until I graduated undergrad and have continued to work here since. I went into and graduated [from] a master's program for business administration and currently work as the operations specialist with IUPDP."

Juan Guzman, LHSI 2012–13, IUPUI Graduate 2014

LHSI Alumni

"After completing my undergraduate studies in 2014, I transitioned into the accelerated Masters of Health Administration (MHA) program at the IU Fairbanks School of Public Health at IUPUI. Once I completed my MHA in 2015, I began my career as an administrative fellow at Indiana University Health."

Pankita H. Pandya, LHSI 2007–08, IUPUI Graduate 2009

LHSI Alumni

"This internship (along with several other research experiences) sparked my interest for doing research as a career at this university. I joined IU School of Medicine's graduate program and obtained my Ph.D. in immunology (Center for Immunobiology) and am now continuing my zest for research by doing a postdoctoral fellowship in the pediatric hematology/oncology department as a pulmonary T32 fellow."