About Thi

My favorite part about LHSI was connecting with individuals outside of my home school, learning about new things that can help me with my future career, and opening more doors and possibilities for me to explore in the future if I want.

LHSI is awesome because it allows younger college students to start having a network outside of their usual one and to help them explore what they want to do. I was set on going to medical school and just getting the degrees necessary. However, after my internship through LHSI, I have so many more goals and aspirations than just getting my degrees. That is why LHSI is awesome. It opens up eyes and doors.

I ended up as an LHSI ambassador because I fell in love with the LHSI program after being a part of it for a year, and I wanted to educate and help interns through their own journey.

My greatest goal is to do my best to inform students about what LHSI is all about and also to help them learn something that they can carry on for the rest of their college careers or even lives. I remember when I was going through the process myself, someone gave me a tip for structuring my resume. Since then, I have written over 20 resumes to apply to jobs and internships using that tip. That is my ultimate goal in this job—to teach students something (even if it is small) that they can use.