About Morgan

My favorite part of LHSI is having a ton of opportunities to network with other professionals and students. I have been lucky enough to work with some of the most amazing and intelligent women who have taught me so much about professionalism and teamwork. Not only have I learned so much through the LHSI program as an intern but I also enjoy every day that I am involved with the program too! I had always liked that our program had ambassadors to guide the interns through their year in the program. The ambassadors were extremely helpful and informative when I was an intern, and I wanted to be able to return the favor by continuing the process of guiding new interns!

LHSI is awesome because it allows you to explore your specific interests while preparing you to go into your field of study. Not only do you learn professional and communication skills but you also get to apply them in your internship and in the LHSI program! You also get to present one of your projects at the poster presentation at the end of the year, so you get to tell everyone what you’ve been working on for the entire year!

My greatest goal as an ambassador this year is to successfully guide my interns by helping them overcome any obstacles they will face and to help them in preparing for their professional careers by sharing what I learned from the LHSI program. My hope is to help them all grow into confident, thoughtful professionals.