My favorite part of LHSI is the resources it comes with. Not only does one have the chance of working alongside a mentor but it also gives one the chance of building a professional network, strengthening skills, and making great memories! I first heard of LHSI in my freshman orientation class when visiting PREPS. I applied my sophomore year and was matched with a clinical research administrator who demonstrated what really goes on behind the scenes of a lab and medical office. Although administration is not my career goal, I really enjoyed all the valuable information and skills I learned at my internship site. I realized that sometimes instead of identifying what I don’t want can be even more valuable and helpful than determining what I do want. I wanted to pass down the idea that there’s value in every experience to incoming interns.

My greatest goal this year in my job is to be a valuable resource for the LHSI interns—to guide, lead, and help them understand the value at their internship sites so they can go in the directions they desire at their internship sites and in their classes.