About Jeffery

My favorite part of LHSI is how much students can grow and learn from the program. I was able to participate in my first-ever internship through LHSI that helped teach me professional, communication, and interpersonal skills. These skills could be reinforced in class, but I would have never developed these skills as fast as I did without LHSI.

LHSI is awesome because it provides students with opportunities to grow as students, professionals, and college-aged people. I have grown so much over the past year in these categories because of this program. I was able to meet many new people and make new connections I could use to be admitted into graduate school or a postgraduation job. LHSI is a fantastic opportunity to become a better student and a better person.

I am currently working in a summer internship with the Center for Public Health Practice. I ended up in this job because of my LHSI internship. I work at the same site and with the same mentors as I did with the internship. I am very excited to continue and to expand the work I have been doing over the course of the last school year. Without LHSI, I would not have been able to have a job where I can grow professionally and personally as much as I have. I am also working as an intern ambassador for the LHSI program. I am excited to help students who were in my same position just a year prior!

My greatest goal for my job this year is to further connect my jobs to my graduate program aspirations. I want to attend graduate school after I complete my undergraduate degree, and I want these jobs to continue to contribute to getting into a good school and to succeed in that school.