About Courtney

My favorite part of LHSI is getting to work with so many different people and learning how to collaborate on projects with them in an effective and efficient way. At my internship site, I became friends with other students who were in different professional programs than the one I am hoping to join, so I got to see what those routes looked like and hear about their journeys to those programs.  Now as an ambassador, I have met the other student ambassadors as well as my interns, who are in different programs, majors, and courses than I am, and who I would not have met without LHSI. 

As I was reflecting on my LHSI experience and ePDP, I realized how beneficial my LHSI internship has been for me in my educational career, especially in terms of networking and developing professionally. When the opportunity to become an LHSI ambassador was announced, I knew I wanted the privilege to become an ambassador because it was a way for me to give back to LHSI, which gave me so many great experiences, and to aid future interns to make the most of their LHSI internships.

LHSI is awesome because it gives underclassman undergraduate students a guided experience in a workplace in a life-sciences field that they are interested in—kind of like a sneak peek into your future!

My greatest goal as an LHSI ambassador is to increase LHSI alumni involvement with the LHSI program after they complete their internships. I think that it would be great to have alumni stories and guidance for the current interns to learn from and to look forward to in their own lives.