About Abby

My favorite part of LHSI as an intern was being integrated into an actual professional research team and being considered as an equal with my co-workers. The experience pushed me to develop myself professionally and academically, while also boosting my confidence in professional and academic settings. As an intern ambassador and past intern, I hope to continue utilizing the opportunities for professional development that LHSI provides. I was encouraged to apply after my own intern ambassador encouraged me to do so. Since I was so pleased with my own internship, I wanted an opportunity to tell about LHSI and the opportunities it offers to those seeking to gain more academic and professional experience and skills.

My greatest goal for this year is to help interns in their career development. I hope that the surveys put out and compiled resources will help students reflect on their strengths and values, as well as help them identify what they want out of a career. Hopefully, this will allow interns to confidently take their next steps after their time with LHSI ends!