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Reasons to be a life-health sciences mentor:metcalf_mendonca.jpg

  • Access a pool of students interested in your field.
  • Meet potential future graduate students or lab technicians.
  • Work with students who already have at least some basic lab and research skills.
  • Obtain help on projects that you are interested in, but for which you might not have time.
  • Make connections and create better relationships with students.
  • Encourage the next generation of researchers and scientists.
  • Develop supervisory skills in graduate students and postdocs.
  • Improve retention and graduation rates by keeping students on campus for class and work.

The basics:

  • LHSI pays for the intern, you provide the experience.
  • The intern works with you from late August to early May.
  • There are two site visits per year to check in.
  • There is a poster session in April.
  • A competitive conference and meeting travel grant is available for interns.
  • MED-I 200 is a course for interns to record the experience on their transcripts.
  • You can stay connected in other ways to continue the work after the internship.

    The typical LHSI intern is a full-time sophomore or junior and has at least a 2.5 overall GPA (the average tends to be in the 3.5–3.6 range). LHSI is designed to take students out of their home academic departments and place them with faculty and staff in graduate and professional program locations. If your school has undergraduate programs, you will not have those students placed with you. The description form allows you to select from the majors available at IUPUI. Interns are prescreened, and you will interview students interested in your project prior to placement.

    Because interns are also enrolled in full-time coursework, we ask that you keep the projects within the designated 10 hours per week. The total time for the internship is approximately 30 weeks, and we provide a list of other opportunities on campus if you would like to extend that time with another program or funding source.

    Project descriptions are accepted all year and are posted from late January to mid-March for the following academic year. To submit a project, visit project description form. Need more information or have questions about what an appropriate project might look like? Contact Brandi Gilbert at 278-3637 or lhsi@iupui.edu.