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LHSI uses the ePDP extensively to help our interns articulate their experiences in their internships with three main goals of demonstrating career-related or research-specific skills, explaining and analyzing their career goals, and formulating an early professional identity.

    See LHSI past and present interns' ePortfolios below! Click on the images to see the full ePDP.



    Macy Ballard: "I have used ePortfolios in the past for different courses, but they have always seemed generic and hypothetical. The LHSI ePDP, however, really helped me solidify my real-life career goals and how I am actually going to accomplish them."



    Katie Isch: "My LHSI ePDP allowed me to put in to words the goals that I have for the future. The portfolio and prompts make you think about the important questions relating to your career and overall goals. Additionally, my LHSI ePDP was easily used to send to those who I asked to write letters of recommendation for me. It is a good way to convey the things you have accomplished using your own personal style."



    Kami Walters: "After completing the LHSI ePDP assignments, I merged it with an ePDP I made for a previous job. It eventually evolved into a broad presentation on my work experience, extracurricular involvement, and personal and professional development over the past two years. The ePDP was a great way to organize all of my different achievements, and I plan to keep updating it and eventually use it to help previous professors and employers write letters of recommendation when I apply for medical school."



    John Fierst: "My ePDP is a complete summation of my college career. I like that the ePDP allows me to bring together all of my different experiences in a presentable way. I plan to use my ePDP to help me in the graduate school admission process."




    Ethan Joll: "For my LHSI ePDP, I really wanted to focus on reflection. Therefore, I kept pre- and post-internship pages so I could easily see how my goals and career outlook changed over the course of the internship. I also linked this portfolio with previous portfolios I have created in my effort to make a comprehensive network of documents detailing my college career."



    Elena Peters: The ePDP is a very useful, reflective tool that graphically represents my accomplishments. I have been able to use it as an aide to my resume, where I am able to explain some of my accomplishments and their impact on me in full detail. I have also sent my ePDP as a secondary source for my professors to use to write me letters of recommendation."



    Rachel Larsen: "A resume can only say so much. The ePDP allowed me to exemplify my professional development as a student while providing more personality than a resume or cover letter would provide. I'm more than just my accomplishments: I'm the person changed by each new experience, a part of myself more accurately shown in designs, pictures, and color."



    Anjali Prakash: "My ePDP is a way for me to showcase my personality in a way that would not be possible on a regular resume or cover letter. It gives my application an edge over others."