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MED-I 200 is an undergraduate course offered to current Life-Health Sciences Internship (LHSI) interns. This is a 0 credit hour course offered once a year in the spring semester of the internship. 

Only LHSI students may register for MED-I 200. Successful completion of the course is dependent on completion of at least 240 work hours over the course of the internship period, presentation of a poster at the end of year poster session, and completion of the ePDP.

Interns are encouraged to check with their academic advisors and career services offices as there may be a major-specific internship course listing to register for instead of MED-I 200.

RISE to the IUPUI Challenge

Each undergraduate student is challenged to include at least two of the four RISE experiences—Research, International, Service learning and Experiential learning—into their degree programs. As an internship program, MED-I 200 will count as an E (experiential learning) experience.