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Below are just a few quotes and videos of the great experiences our former interns have had in the program.  


"LHSI was my first real job in a professional work site, so I learned a great deal about appropriate behavior and communication from the very beginning. As the year went on, I learned more about how to balance fun with professionalism—not only from being around those in my intern site specifically but also from being around the LHSI staff. I think this lesson goes beyond the skills I learned relative to research or how to properly address an email, for example. I was able to start envisioning myself as a future professional and how I can balance work life with a personal life. My LHSI experience did help me solidify my career goals, but also my life goals in general." —Macy Ballard, LHSI, 2014–2015

Tomas talks about research in LHSI.


"Although I was engulfed in a scientific curriculum at IUPUI, I feel that the Life-Health Sciences Internship was the first opportunity in which I truly became a scientist. My internship allowed me to look beyond the lab manual as my research mentor encouraged new hypotheses, free thinking, and scientific exploration. My mentor allowed me to have room to grow, think, and make mistakes. The skills and outlook I developed during my LHSI internship still shape the way I look at problem solving in the clinical environment." —Jeremy Sherer, LHSI, 2010–2011, IUPUI Graduate 2013


Brandon shares his experience in LHSI.


"My research was clinical, and so I got to be exposed to new knowledge directly impacting health care outcomes. After this experience, I began to see my future as a medical professional differently. I always knew I wanted to be a doctor, but doing research helped me discover that I also wanted to be a lifelong learner and support endeavors like the ones I was involved with." —Marina Sharif, LHSI, 2011–2012, IUPUI Graduate 2014